Much of the language used to describe drug users is profoundly negative. People with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are commonly referred to as drug abusers, addicts, junkies, etc. Colloquial use of the word “addict” implies a habitual user with inadequate willpower to s...

College is a magical realm over the rainbow and a world away from Deerfield Academy. Here at RIT, the pride flag is framed in the entrance to the Student Alumni Union, and small colorful ribbons line the student bulletin boards. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myse...

At Deerfield Academy, as long as it is not hateful or violence-inducing, we have free reign over what we say. With respect to the National School Walkout, some have claimed that our efforts are polarizing, partisan, or simply unfair to those with differing ideas of wha...

The idea of safe spaces has been under attack since they were first formed in the mid-60’s, but this has been most apparent following the presidential victory of Donald Trump. As I understand it, a safe space is a designated community where marginalized students can be...

2017 Boston March, photo by the author

“What do we want? Evidence-based science! When do we want it? After a peer review!”

Over 1 million people participated in the March for Science on April 22 (Earth Day), 2017. Three Deerfield students, myself included, attended the m...

Note: the author wrote this speech to read aloud at a school meeting following President Trump's Inauguration. 

The question cards set out in the Dining Hall pre-election said something very apt. At the bottom corner of every card, there was some small text saying...

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